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GI e-Learning Go Live!

Thursday, March 29, 2018


The IPC-EUI Project Management Team would like to announce the "Go Live" of the GI e-Learning course for India available now to the general public.

The aim of this e-Learning course on GIs (geographical indications) is for Indian producers and other stakeholders to create and market GIs successfully. To do so, stakeholder assistance is necessary at various levels.


This e-Learning course is a tool to:

  • aid sustainable socio-economic development;
  • strengthen the global system;
  • create a GI-friendly environment enabling productive EU trade negotiations;
  • help find common ground between states likely to support this system.


This GI e-Learning course is a valuable asset for the general public given its potential as a tool for further education and GI commercialisation:

  • It is aimed at GI stakeholders with the idea they set up a functional GI collective dimension, in order to succeed in accessing the GI market and integrating producers’ into the global trade system;
  • It develops a marketing strategy that can be used by GI producer groups and communities to create an identity of which they can be proud and protected;
  • It educates the public at large on:
    • means and methods to enhance local development and export potential by acknowledging the importance of respecting and developing IPRs;
    • the wide spectrum of IP, as the course covers GI interaction with other IPRs;
  • It provides a comprehensive level available with free access;
  • It encourages users to understand and navigate to exploit their product.


The content of the GI e-Learning is divided into 7 modules:

  1. Getting started
  2. Introduction to the concept of GIs
  3. Registration procedures
  4. Accessing markets
  5. GI quality control
  6. GI interaction with other IPRs
  7. Enforcement


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