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    The European Union Intellectual Property Office  is the implementing agency of IPC-EUI project being the IPR component of the Capacity Building Initiative for Trade Development in India (CITD) and co-funding entity. The Project Management Team based at the EUIPO in Alicante and in India, is organising specific activities within the IPR component of the CITD.


      The European External Action Service in India is driven by the Delegation of the European Union to India. Their team is closely involved with the IPC-EUI project as the project manager and main funding agency.




Inter alia:

European Union Directorate General for Trade (DG Trade) is based in Brussels, Belgium. In relation to IPC-EUI, DG Trade is a stakeholder because India is an important trading partner for the EU and it is thanks to DG Trade that a fruitful trading relationship can take place at supranational level. The IPC-EUI project deals with international aspects of intellectual property rights under the purview of DG TRADE, including trade marks, designs and geographical indications.

European Union Directorate General for Development and Cooperation (DG Devco) is the project owner and main contributor to the IPC-EUI project bringing in over 90 % of the total budget. DG Devco is the cooperation for development EU actor in the world.

European Union Directorate General for Agriculture (DG Agri) is the lead EU actor for Geographical Indications (GIs), an intellectual property right within the scope of the IPC-EUI project.  Activities in the project support and encourage India GI producers to apply and register GIs in the EU. Moreover, in relation to how EU GI producers may apply and register for a GI in India is also relevant for DG Agri.