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SERVICE CONTRACT NOTICE* -- Technical Expert in IP for the IPC-EUI project (Location – New Delhi, India)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The implementation period of the project started on 18/12/2014 and its initial duration was of 32 months. In June 2017 EUIPO, the implementing agency, requested a six months extension* of the implementation period that, in agreement with the government of India and the EUD to India, will help consolidate the achievements that the project has made so far.


The purpose of this contract is to acquire the services of an IP expert based in India, New Delhi, to support the Project Management Team in: i) the implementation of the activities foreseen from 01/10/2017 up to 31/03/2018 and; in planning and executing a smooth exit strategy for the project.


*Please note that the awarding of the contract is subject to the condition of the prior acceptance of the request for prolongation submitted to the European Commission in June 2017. If the precedent condition is not met, the contracting authority will either abandon the procurement or cancel the award procedure without the candidates or tenderers being entitled to claim any compensation.